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5 best things about ascot’s lifestyle

Posted March 15, 2017 by admin

Ascot is one of the most flourishing and popular towns of Berkshire, England. The life at ascot is simply amazing and influential. A perfect routine is followed by the people dwelling in Ascot. The construction of houses and the parks in the town is given a considerable amount of attention owing to which they are not only beautiful but also well-structured. This town is equipped with all the best things. From proper houses to parks, care centers, hospitals, public transport service like the Ascot cars and cheap Ascot taxis, market place, restaurants, pubs, and shopping places; everything is present in Ascot.

5 best things about Ascot:

The 5 influential things about the lifestyle of Ascot are:

  1. Ascot racecourse:

The racecourse area is the reason why the town of Ascot is quite popular among the people. Daily, several horsemen come here for racing and entertain the thousands of people who come here to see the race. People who live nearby walk to the Ascot racecourse while other people come on the car or take a taxi in Ascot to reach the racing ground in time.

  1. Recreational parks in Ascot:

Ascot is full of recreational areas where people can go in the evening or on weekends and enjoy their day. Other than the racecourse Ascot, there are many places in the vicinity that you should visit. Among them is the great Windsor Park, lavender park golf center, theater royal Windsor and many other places. Go for an evening walk in the park or for a picnic. There you can also watch cute animals like squirrels in the park.

  1. Historical places:

Windsor castle is the best historical place that you can visit in the area of Ascot. The town is greatly influenced by this castle and the history it possesses. The grounds are huge and people love walking and playing here. You can hire a guide who will brief you about the incidents that took place in this castle.

The French boat on the River Thames is another amazing activity in which you should participate. You can reach these areas in your own transport vehicle or else take a cheap Ascot taxi

  1. Restaurants and pubs:

People living in Ascot love to eat. They are lively and entertaining people who are a fan of delicious food and this is the reason why you can find several restaurants and pubs in the town. All these restaurants are known for their specialty in one particular dish.

The Oakley court is a great hotel to live in. If you are looking for the best quality food, you need to go and visit the Cote Brasserie food place.

  1. Education system:

The education system of Ascot is quite strong. It offers both, the primary as well as secondary education. Apart from the great Church, the best schools in town are the Heathfield School, St, George’s School, Licensed Victualler’s School, and St. Mary’s school. All these schools follow an authentic syllabus which is quite good in quality.

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